Why Paravar Is A Great Anavar Alternative

Anavar is a powerful anabolic steroid that is available by prescription and used to help patients gain weight after trauma, chronic infection, surgery or long-term use of corticosteroid medications. Attempting to use this medication to enhance physical appearance and athletic performance can lead to serious, and even fatal, heath problems. Paravar from Crazy Mass is a safe and effective alternative for cutting and building lean muscle.

The list of negative side effects associated with Anavar is a long one. The list includes changes in skin color, headache, vomiting, nausea, oily skin, acne, hair loss and an increase or decrease in libido. Men who take this steroid are at risk of suffering from breast swelling, too frequent or prolonged erections and trouble urinating. Women who take Anavar may experience unusual hair growth on the body or face, an enlarged clitoris, irregular menstruation and a deepening of the voice.

Paravar’s anabolic properties are powerful enough to increase muscle size and strength. Users report that it works great when stacked with T-bal75, Clentrimix and Winnidrol. It is taken orally, so no injections are necessary. It is effective for use by men and women because it is potent, but at the same mild enough that it does not produce the negative side effects seen with Anavar. When used properly during cutting cycles, it provides a leaner look by burning fat while preserving muscle mass.

This substance increases the amount of nutrients delivered to muscles by enhancing circulation. Muscles with ample blood supply grow faster and get a better pump. This is because they are receiving the oxygen and other nutrients they need for growth.

Panavar is formulated to burn subcutaneous and visceral fat leading to a flatter stomach and more well defined abs. Users report they can achieve an optimal beach body because it helps preserve lean muscle even when cutting calories for minimal fat gain. Most users notice weight loss after two weeks but some have reported a noticeable loss in water weight after just four days with no muscle loss. Women who use this product have noticed amazing result with more definition in all muscles groups and improved strength.

The formula available from Crazy Mass is designed to provide noticeable results within two weeks. Panavar is available without a prescription and Crazy Mass ships its products worldwide. The sale of this product is 100% legal. Unlike with illegal anabolic steroids, there is no risk of toxicity to the kidneys or liver.

Dosage recommendations are one 375 mg tablet twice daily with meals. On workout days, users should take one tablet 30-45 minutes prior to a workout session. For best results, Crazy Mass recommends using for at least two months with 1.5 weeks off in between cycles.